Who Compiled the Qur’an? Rafidi Ammar Nakhjavani Exposed

It is only recently that the Shia have started using weak and fabricated narrations in order to somehow prove that Ali supposedly compiled the Qur’an in a chronological fashion along with footnotes. This was only to serve as a cover for the mainstream Shia belief in Tahreef al-Qur’an.

The belief in Tahreef al-Qur’an has been putting Shia propagandists in a very difficult position because every sunni whether learned or ignorant is attached to the Qur’an and firmly believes that Allah have promised to preserve this Book and safeguard it from error or distortion. Therefore the only way to misguide Sunnis was to conceal their real beliefs and come up with this lame fabricated story about Ali compiling the Qur’an with footnotes that explain its verses. And without these footnotes of Ali, the Qur’an becomes merely a book of codes which require decoding, something (very conveniently for the Shia) only an Infallible can do.

As a consequence, this Qur’an currently in our possession is useless as no one can decode its verses.
Download raw video without subtitle – http://tinyurl.com/compilation-of-Quran

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