Shia Kufr Halts TV Show

Never underestimate the impact of the video clips. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say a video clip is worth a million articles. You saw how the Sheikh reacted? Do you know that this sheikh is one of the best debaters the Ahlul-Sunnah produced? He admitted that he read kufr in shia books far worst than which he saw in the clips but still he was left speechless and emotionally disturbed watching 10% of the shia kufr!

I call upon all Muslim brothers who know Arabic and English to join this field of Dawa. There is a big shortage in this area. There are 1,000s of clips which needs to be translated, 1,000s of kufriat of shias, 1,000s of refutation and debates….

Download this video without subtitle –

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