The Denigrators Of Hajj – Pagan Shias At It Again

Rafidi logic:

The Hajj to Makkah, which has been mentioned NUMEROUS times (with details) in the Qur’an, is apparently INFERIOR to the pagan Hajj to a tomb that was erected over 50 years after Islam was completed!

Allah, who is just, doesn’t fail to mention the inferior (Hajj to Makkah) numerous times in his last revelation, however, not a single verse, not even a word or hint has been revealed with regards to the alleged superior Hajj (to Karbala)! Does this make sense? Is this justice? Clear Hujjah (proof) for mankind? Can falsehood get any clearer than that?

In fact, every main Rafidi belief is alien to Islam and the Qur’an, literally Anti-Qur`anic, hence they have to resort to distortion, taking out of context, batini (esoterical) tafsir and clinging to mutashabihat (ambigious) verses to somehow “prove” their shaky foundations. They make outrages claims, saying that the the Prophet (peace be upon him) was not succeeded by Prophets, however, he was succeeded by Imams who are superior than all Prophets before our master Muhammad (saws), i.e. a belief which is just as bad (in fact worse) than believing that the Prophet was succeeded by other Prophets. Yet, the mighty Prophets of all (not all, but certainly the most important, definately more important than Shia Imams) have been clearly mentioned in the Qur’an, some of them have been even declared rolemodels of the monotheists (Abraham), i.e. even our Prophet (saws) takes him as a role model, yet kufri Shia beliefs state that the likes of Abraham and Jesus are nothing but slaves of Ali and that not just him, but even his 11 descendants are superior to all of them.

Again, the reality of the Qur’an exposes this false belief, in fact it debunks the entire belief of divine Imamite of 12 Imams who are allegedly so important for our guidance, yet have been nowhere mentioned in the Qur’an, whereas the apparently “inferior” Prophets are hundreds of times and more clearly mentioned in the last revelation of Allah.

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